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  4th Annual Scientific Meeting Date: March 9, 2003
  New Perspectives in Osteoporosis
Jointly organized by the
The Osteoporosis Society of Hong Kong
The Chinese Society of Osteoporosis and Bone Mineral Research
The Osteoporosis Centre
The Centre of Endocrinology & Diabetes, the University of Hong Kong


Opening Ceremony


Officiating Guest:
Dr MY Cheng, Deputy Director, Professional Services & Facilities Management,
Hong Kong Hospital Authority
Prof Pierre D. Delmas, President, International Osteoporosis Foundation


Session I

: Dr John Ma, Hong Kong, Prof Xunwu Meng, Beijing
Comparison of Bone Mineral Density in Elderly Chinese in Beijing and Caucasians in U.S.Prof Ling Xu, Beijing, China
Genetics of Bone Mass. Prof Annie Kung, Hong Kong
The Use of Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover in Osteoporosis: State of Art. Prof Pierre D Delmas, President, IOF

Session II

Chairman: Prof Grace Tang, Hong Kong, Prof Hanmin Zhu, Shanghai
Vitamin D Insufficiency and Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in the Elderly. Prof David Hosking, Nottingham, UK
Is Milk Supplementation the Only Way to Increase Dietary Calcium Intake in Chinese. Ms Emily Yeung, Dietitian, TWEH
The Principles of Surgical Treatment of Osteoporotic Fractures. Prof Gongyi Huang, Beijing, China
Diagnosis and Treatment of Vertebral Fracture: a Radiologist’s Perspective. Dr Lisa Wong, SMO, Department of Radiology, QMH
Hormonal Replacement Therapy: To Use or Not to Use. Dr Lawrence Tang, COS, Department of O&G, KWH

Session III

Luncheon Symposium
Chairman: Prof Annie Kung, Hong Kong
Recent and Future Developments in Osteoporosis Therapy. Prof Markus J Siebel, Sydney, Australia

Session IV

Chairman: Dr KH Chan, Hong Kong, Prof Ling Xu, Beijing
How Do Anti-resorptive Therapies Reduce Fracture Risk. Prof Pierre D Delmas, President, IOF, France
The Anabolic Effects of Parathyroid Hormone. Prof Xinwu Meng, Beijing, China
Exercise and Prevention of Fall. Dr TK Kong, COS, Department of Geriatrics, PMH
Osteoporosis in Shanghai, China. Prof Hanmin Zhu, Shanghai, China
Corticosteroid and Transplant-related Osteoporosis. Prof David Hosking, Nottingham, UK



First Regular Scientific Meeting
 Date: 16 Aug 2003
 Venue: Lecture Theatre, Ruttonjee Hospital
  – Dr. Frankie Choi “DEXA scan –Interpretations & Pitfalls” 
  – Dr. KW Lee “Osteoporosis in Rheumatoid Arthritis”
Dinner Symposium
 Date: 7 October 2003
 Venue: Great Eagle Hotel
  – Prof. John Bilezikian (US) "Bone Quality - Anti-Resorptives vs. Bone Formation Agents" 
  – Prof. Annie Kung (HK)  "Review on Raloxifene Asian Regional Study and Overall Review on Raloxifene Bone Efficacy"



4th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Osteoporosis Centre officiation guest : Prof YC Wong, Dr MY Cheng, Prof Annie Kung, Prof Pierre Delmas and Prof XW Meng


Prof XW Meng presented souvenir to Prof Pierre Delmas


4th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Osteoporosis Centre attended by 340 participants (March 9, 2003)


Prof Pierre Delmas, President of the International Osteoporosis Foundation, officiated the 4th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Osteoporosis Centre (March 9, 2003)